Poetry The Filth issue

[All guys. Love’s nourishment is tactile…]

By Kristofer Folkhammar

Translated from the Swedish by Christian Gullette
Two hands pressed against fabric
Photograph by Joshua Hoehne

All guys. Love’s nourishment is tactile. Keeps us together. So that we hold
on to things. With clenched fists, against each other, through
the defenses, intestines, messy, brilliant.
Red, turquoise, before our eyes.
And sitting astride, those pulling apart the ass
Will explain sitting astride.

You feel him between your fingers, your guy. Then you don’t feel
him any longer. Only a thin layer on the surface


To read this poem in Swedish, click here.
Kristofer Folkhammar is a poet and novelist who lives in Malmö, Sweden. His most recent novel is Är det barnen, baby? .
Christian Gullette’s translations of Folkhammar’s poems have appeared in Asymptote and Words without Borders.